Team Dynamics

Are your employees engaged and working towards a common goal?

Did you know that team building is good for morale?

Team dynamics

At Gundog HR and Development, we know that businesses with high performing teams who work together to achieve their targets will be more successful. But strong teams don’t happen overnight! You may have hired the right people to do the job, but can they work together as a team and achieve even greater heights? The better individuals know one another, the better they work together as a whole. This is what we call team dynamics.

You know this analogy, right? Leicester City winning the football Premier League. They didn’t have the most expensive players. They didn’t have the best striker in the world. But together, their team dynamics were strong. By working together as one unit focused on winning, they did the unthinkable!

Our Team Dynamics Workshop enables all members of the team and their team leaders to be immersed in learning whilst, at the same time, having fun! It is a low-cost solution that offers huge benefits for individuals as they explore their own potential and find new skills, behaviours, and characteristics they didn’t know they all had!

We can support you and your business goals by training your team to be a strong unit. We can help you to understand their behaviour as individuals and how team dynamics can help your business to grow.

Simon provided a real insight into my personality preferences including the shadow side which has helped me to understand myself, how I operate and will also help me work with my team members more effectively
Joanne T

Team Dynamics Workshop

With this in mind, Gundog HR and Development has a question for you, as a business owner:

How effective is your team in delivering your business vision?

Would you like them to do even better? Of course, we know the answer to this question is a resounding, “Yes!” Our Team Dynamics workshop brings out the best in individuals and encourages them to behave as one cohesive unit. We will take individuals out of their comfort zone so their colleagues can discover more about them, bringing out their best qualities and building that team ethos together.

How does it work?

There are two choices. The first is that we head outside. It takes everyone back to nature and creates a wonderful learning environment to develop the team. We find that being out in the open air encourages curiosity and communication, and it enables us to:

  • Learn who is in the team
  • Find out how well they work together
  • Diagnose the characteristics and behaviours of individual team members

However, if being outdoors doesn’t suit your company then we’ll find a suitable location inside.

At Gundog HR and Development, we find that comparing the behaviours and characteristics of individuals to dog types (I bet you were wondering about our name?), we can see whether the communication and workplace interactions between your employees are effective. We can then move forward by working out how to get the most from every individual within that team environment, so they can all pull together towards the same goal.

If you would like to learn more about the Gundog HR and Development Team Dynamics Workshop (and our dogs) contact us today to start the conversation and find out how help your team to feel more connected and valued.