Staff Training and Development

It’s a fact that staff who feel valued and developed perform better and stay longer.

Are you and your managers bringing out the best in your teams?

Staff training and development

At Gundog HR and Development, we get excited about training your team to be the best they can possibly be. We support forward-thinking business owners who realise that investing in staff training and development will help their business to grow.

We offer a range of exciting staff training and development courses designed to bring out the potential in all your staff, whatever their grade or management level. We can provide the skills, knowledge, and behaviours needed to increase the potential of your business. Why not work with us and let your business fly!

Creating an effective team with Gundog HR and Development

I have a passion for delivering exhilarating, fun workshops, and staff training and development activities created to encourage your employees, give them confidence, and fully exploit their talents, even when hidden!

Our courses are all designed to help you to create an effective team. Activities are fully interactive, and attendees are encouraged to immerse themselves in learning whilst also having a lot of fun along the way!

We realise it takes time to embed a change in behaviour or implement training and new skills. This is why Gundog HR and Development follows up every workshop and staff training and development exercise to make sure it has had impact and that there has been a positive change in your business.

Our staff training and development courses can be delivered inhouse or you are welcome to use our unique training venue. The aim is the same:

To help you deliver your business outcomes through maximising the potential of your people.

Simon and his two spaniels sitting at a table with a graphic of three team members

Team Dynamics

How effective is your team when working together to deliver your business vision?

Knowing who is in the team and how they behave as one unit is important to achieving business success. We take your team members out of their comfort zone to bring out their best qualities and ensure they all pull together as a team.

Find out more about our Team Dynamics Workshop.

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Employability Skills

At Gundog HR and Development we are passionate about everyone having an opportunity.

We all have a talent or skill we can offer but identifying them is not always an easy task!

Our Employability Skills course gives everyone the chance to be prepared for a new opportunity, building the skills and confidence needed to create a great impression.

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Leadership and Management Training

The best team leaders and managers are those who inspire their teams.

Our Leadership and Management Training courses explore self-awareness, build confidence, and develop essential people management skills.

You can read more about our Leadership and Management Training courses here.

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Coaching and Mentoring Support

The opportunity to present new perspectives and opportunities to your business is a very powerful tool to solve issues and develop new ideas for growth. That’s why we offer a coaching and mentoring support service to clients.

We strongly believe that all leaders benefit from a coach or mentor to stay fresh and open to new opportunities. Go to our Coaching and Mentoring Support page to learn more.

If you would like to talk to us about our staff training and development courses, call us to find out how Gundog HR and Development can support your team to become the best they can be.