Leadership and Management Training

Do your leaders inspire their teams to perform better?

Have you identified gaps in the development of your managers?

leadership and management training

Getting the most from people who work for you takes a lot of effort from you as the business owner, as well as your leadership and management teams. The most effective people in any organisation are those who inspire others working under them to achieve more, to beat their targets, and reach team goals ahead of schedule. The Gundog HR and Development Leadership and Management Training will help your team to do just that!

What attributes do great managers and leaders possess?

Inspiring others and gaining respect as a manager or leader has to be earned over time via different management behaviours such as:

  • Leading by example – are your managers the first to arrive and the last to leave each day?
  • Demonstrating they are genuine and have empathy with individual team members – do your team leaders nurture and support those working under them?
  • Inspiring their team to strive harder and reach KPIs month in, month out – do you have over-achieving teams in your organisation?

Although there may be a few individuals who naturally possess some or even all of these qualities, in our experience, we have found that these attributes don’t always come naturally and have to be learned.

Leadership and Management Training

At Gundog HR and Development, our Leadership and Management Training fully explores topics of self-awareness and exploration along with leadership values and behaviours. We dive deeply into these management behaviours, building confidence and developing skills that are essential to successful people management.

We can encourage your management team to become inspirational and transformational leaders, who will inspire their teams to help you reach your business goals.

I gained a really practical view of leadership, understanding the theories that I have been applying all this time and learned a few new ones too. Thanks Simon
Sarah Y

How does it work?

Our unique leadership and management training programmes with help your leaders and managers to inspire their team members to be the best they can possibly be. They will be able to encourage and retain talented staff, maximising the potential of the teams they manage and lead. How will they do this? By developing their own potential by

  • Increasing self-awareness
  • Learning new skills for managing others
  • Building relationship skills
  • Developing teams

What will Leadership and Management Training do for your managers?

We will develop your leaders and managers to support your business and to properly engage with staff. Managers will be empowered to bring out the best in your organisation’s talent, supporting a business culture grounded in your core values. The Leadership and Management Training programme provides:

  • A practical and fun way for key personnel to raise their self-awareness, explore their own potential, encourage the best from their team, and achieve a positive impact
  • Through training activities our programmes support individuals in their role, enhancing their confidence and developing essential people management skills

We understand that the development of leaders and managers does not happen overnight, or even with just one training session! This is why at Gundog HR and Development we ensure that our Leadership and Management Training programmes are based on a solid and grounded relationship with you and your business.

If you would like to learn more about our more about our Leadership and Management Training programmes, contact us today.