HR Consultancy

As HR Consultants with over 20 years of knowledge, skills and experience we am well place to work in partnership with you to lead you through the complexity of HR to support you in growing your business through your people.

Whether you are looking for a new policy, support to deal with a difficult employee or a discussion about your HR Processes and systems Gundog HR can be right by your side as a devoted companion.   

We will work with you to keep you compliant, current and reassured that your exposure to risk is reduced significantly through our managed human resources service.  Whether you are looking for a one off piece of work or an ongoing relationship we can guide you every step of the way.

We can support you with the following consulting solutions and much more:

Additionally, We can provide  coaching for Business Leaders, Line Managers, Supervisors and Team Leaders to support them with complex employment issues or difficult employee meetings.

We  provide the services of a full HR Department, available to discuss any issues, explain your options and help you to avoid unnecessary staff related problems.

We are on the end of a phone or if you’re local (York/Yorkshire) to us, we can be on site quickly.