Employability Skills

Do you feel prepared for new job opportunities?

Are you restructuring and want to help prepare those leaving the business?

Employability skills

It is all too easy to get trapped in the here and now, while new opportunities pass us by. At Gundog HR and Development, we are passionate about everyone having the chance at a new beginning, a new opportunity to do something different, or better. We firmly believe that every single person has talents, skills, and knowledge that will enable them grasp opportunities when they occur.

What are Employability Skills?

Sometimes called foundation or transferable skills, these are core skills and traits that are required in pretty much every job out there, so you can take them with you from one position to another. Employability skills are the abilities that will be at top of the list for prospective employers and can include:

Soft Skills: These are non-technical and will show how well you can work with other people, for example, time management, communication skills, problem-solving, empathy, and listening skills.

Professional Skills: Communication skills crop up here again, both verbal and written. Other skills include networking, dealing with difficult situations/people, business writing, bringing ideas to the table, understanding difficult concepts, asking for help, putting forward yourself and your team.

Gundog HR and Development Employability Skills Training

We are always amazed by the transformation brought about by Gundog HR and Development Employability Skills training sessions. The confidence it brings to individuals when they realise they can document their skills and use them to develop in the current role or to start a new career, is truly inspiring. It has resulted in lots of career changes, promotions, and has even encouraged some individuals to become entrepreneurs.

Please don’t just take our word for it! This testimonial from a participant demonstrates how our employability skills course helped them to rediscover their confidence:

“The course gave me back my confidence to go out there to reach for my dreams…. And showed me that I had so many more skills than I ever dreamed of. Thank you so much, as I feel that you have given me my life back to me”
L. York

How does it work?

We begin the training by identifying your individual skills and talents and highlight those you can take with you to other jobs. We then go on to take an in-depth look at your current CV. This enables us to assess your CV writing and your interview techniques and skills. Once we have completed this analysis, we can go on to:

  • Assess your individual skillset in support of your strengths, knowledge and experience
  • Complete a job application, showcasing your employability skills
  • Show you how to prepare for a job interview with ease
  • Identify what specific skills prospective employers are looking for in their employees

What will Employability Skills Training do for an individual?

Our Employability Skills course will prepare you for those new opportunities and help you to take the first steps towards the career of your dreams!

  • It will build the skills and confidence you need to create a great impression on a prospective employer
  • It will help you to succeed at interviews
  • It will teach you how to successfully showcase your experience
  • It will enable you to be successful in job applications

Talk to us today to find out how we can help you to reach for those career stars!