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Gundog HR and Development


  • Is the management of people taking up too much time?
  • Need an HR professional to help you?
  • Looking for staff development that has a positive impact?

At Gundog HR and Development, we’ve got you covered! We provide HR outsourcing and staff training and development services to our clients, so they can concentrate on growing their business, without the worry of day-to-day HR stuff.

We can handle the people management side of your business:

  • Writing HR policies
  • Job contracts
  • Resolving employment issues
  • Restructuring/redundancies
  • Complying with the latest legislation
  • Team building
  • Management training

We find that managing people processes and systems takes business owners away from running their business. How do you think it would feel to have to regain this time and devote it to making your company successful? Put simply, Gundog HR and Development can take your HR headache away.

You can learn more about our founder, Simon, when his passion for all things HR began, and how he started Gundog HR and Development on our ‘About’ page.


HR Support from Gundog HR and Development

Looking after the people in your organisation takes energy, time and effort. If you struggle to stay on top of employment law and find that setting up HR processes and systems is too time-consuming and expensive, you will benefit from our HR support service.

There are three levels of service to choose from, depending on your specific needs:

  • Pay-as-you-go
  • Monthly retainer
  • Project support

Learn more out more about our HR support services and the value Gundog HR and Development can bring to your business.


Staff Training and Development

Switched-on business owners know that the success of their business relies heavily on the people working in it. Gundog HR and Development provides staff training and development courses packed full of fun activities to help your employees reach their potential and have a positive impact on the success of your business.

Designed to be delivered either inhouse or at our own training venue, our aim is to help you reach your business goals by ensuring your people pull together as one team. We offer a range of courses for every level of your business, including you!

Team Dynamics

Our Team Dynamics Workshop has fun activities designed to bring individuals out of their shells and show them how powerful they can be when working together as a team. To find out more, go to our Team Dynamics Workshop page.

Leadership and Management Training

Leaders who can inspire those working under them create happy, effective, hard-working teams. The Gundog HR and Development Leadership and Management Training programme has been created to help your managers inspire their teams to achieve more, by exploring leadership themes and behaviours in depth. Our Leadership and Management Training page explains all!

Coaching and Mentoring

From time-to-time, business owners or team leaders may lose sight of their goals, become stuck in the present, or need inspiration from someone outside their business who can be objective and demonstrate techniques to bring a new perspective. The Gundog HR and Development Coaching and Mentoring programme offers lots of benefits to business owners and their organisations.

Employability Skills

Restructuring a business produces a lot of uncertainty for employees, so find out about Gundog HR and Development Employability Skills training and how it transforms the confidence of workers affected by redundancy.

Whatever your HR support needs, whether managing your people or training and developing them, Gundog HR and Development has you covered.

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